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Research and development

Research studies and publications, in co-operation with the University of Namibia:

  • Gender Based Violence: WAD formed a Tri-partnership with the University of Namibia and the Prison Services in the Ministry of Safety and Security during February 2006 to determine the root causes of violence against women and girls in the Namibian society.

    After having penetrated a number of prisons, country-wide and after a lengthy period of two years, the findings and recommendations are available and funding has been made available by the Spanish Government to bring the findings and recommendation to all corners of the country. This is being carried out from mid-2009 and will continue during 2010.

  • Women and Custom: In co-operation with the Law Faculty of the University of Namibia - To identify harmful cultural practices that impede the development of women and that contravene the Namibian Constitution. WAD contributed in the form of an article in this publication;

  • Children's Rights in Namibia: In co-orporation with the Law Faculty of the University of Namibia. WAD contributed in the form of articles in this publication.

WAD has been successful because of:

  • Its excellent track record in financial management;
  • Having a main donor as its core funder for 17 years;
  • Its non party-political disposition, welcoming all women and men to undergo training, irrespective of their spiritua
  • l cultural or party-political affiliation;
  • Its excellent infrastructure in the form of its 13 nation-wide ”Community Voice” offices, representing all 107 constituencies;
  • The continuous upgrading of skills of staff members;
  • Strong directives which are continuously being given through to regional staff and project members by its
  • Management;
  • Its excellent skills to remain visible and vocal in the mass media of the country, which have secured numerous gains
  • For the organization in the form of opportunities and funding.

Useful links to our books:

  Understanding the perpetrators of violent crimes against women and girls in Namibia
  Sie suchen ein Dokument der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung






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Envisaged ban on imported school uniform into Namibia.


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