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Message from Nedbank

Imagine a corporate social investment programme helping to build a Namibia whose citizens are empowered to make decisions for a sustainable future…collaborations that uplift impoverished communities,


and help drive growth of small businesses as job creators. Imagine an inspiring programme aimed at conserving Namibia’s pristine environment for future generations … and a programme that enables a young aspiring golf star to visit the home of golf, St Andrews, on his first trip outside the country’s borders.

These are the realities of Nedbank Namibia’s corporate social investment programme and the basic foundation upon which our alliance with Women’s Action for Development (WAD) has been built. It is a partnership that we are proud to part of, excited to be materially involved in and steadfastly committed to ensuring its resounding success.

Nedbank joined forces with Old Mutual Namibia and Mutual & Federal to sponsor the Field Days of WAD in recent years. Considering that WAD has been primed to empower primarily rural men and women in the socio-economic and social upliftment fields for the past 18 years, with the aim of complementing the work of Government in its efforts to reduce poverty and unemployment, this budding partnership has been a mainstay of Nedbank’s CSI programme for some time. Since they began almost two decades ago, Field Days have proven to be very popular, with exceptional attendance of decision-makers at regional and local authority levels, community leaders as well as thousands of community members and media practitioners.

Ultimately, WAD’s training programmes are intended to enhance the unemployed’s chances of finding jobs, and to assist in starting their own businesses.

It is in the pursuit of these noble objectives during which we are so aptly reminded that the hand which rocks the cradle is the hand that ultimately rules the world. Nedbank Namibia salutes WAD for your exceptional work and contribution to national pride!

Erastus Hoveka,
Managing Director of Nedbank Namibia


3rd Ruhr Street

Northern Industrial Area

PO Box 370


Tel: +264 83 321 7667