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What we do

WAD is involved in Socio-economic and Socio-political programs since its inception in 1994. To compliment this effort, WAD established 2 Training Centers which are under the supervision of WAD head office although they are operating more independently.

These 2 training centres include; Omahenene Training Centre in the Northern part of the Country, and Karas Training Centre in the southern part of the Country. These centers are well equipped to run socio-economic activities and thereby generation their own resources to be-self sustainable.


The following is a list of some of our programs;
Skills empowerment programs

  • Basic Computer Literacy
  • Basic Office Administration
  • Basics of Business
  • Basic Hospitality and Tourism
  • Basic Needlework and Tailoring
  • Horticulture
  • Hair-Dressing and Manicure-Pedicure
  • First-Aid Training
  • Occupational Safety & Health (OSH)

Human rights awareness programs

  • Civic Education
  • Aspects of the Namibian Constitution, Human Rights, Contents of Gender-related Laws and Human Trafficking workshops
  • Gender Based Violence and substance abuse workshops
  • Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Intimate Partner Violence (IVP) Dialogue with Men & Boys workshops
  • Anticorruption awareness raising workshops


3rd Ruhr Street

Northern Industrial Area

PO Box 370


Tel: +264 83 321 7667